Advanced Training Supervision Reading Group


In 2013 a Reading/Supervision Group was established for psychiatrists who had completed the 2 year Seminar programme of the RANZCP Advanced Training Programme in Psychotherapy in NSW.

The groups met on a fortnightly basis alternating between a larger Reading Group with approximately 12 members and a smaller Supervision Group with 4 members. The Readings focused on the historical development of the concept of transference from Freud to contemporary theorists.

The focus was on an appreciation of both the richness and diversity of theoretical underpinnings of transference and the way in which these ideas have been developed over time. Two members of the group went on to apply for training with the Institute in 2014.

The Reading/Supervision Group continued to focus on the historical development of counter-transference again with reference to seminal Readings; with an emphasis on how our contemporary understandings have evolved over time. There was a continuing emphasis on the integration of theory and clinical practice.

The Reading/Supervision Group takes place every fortnight and meets for an hour and a half from 7.30pm to 9.00pm.  The first half of the evening focuses on a specific Reading. The second half focuses on a clinical presentation which is supervised by a senior Member of NSWIPP.


Fee for the group is $1,000 per annum.

The Curriculum Committee comprises Joanna Barnes, Gill Straker and Anne-Marie Swan. The Committee is co-ordinated by Anne-Marie Swan.

Please direct enquiries to either Anne-Marie Swan: 0418-647-273 / or Lyndall Rees.: 0406 975434 /


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