Benefits of Membership


  • Becoming a member of NSWIPP means that you belong to a supportive and credible professional home. The NSWIPP home is an officially recognised organisation with a reputable high standing in the wider community.

  • As a professional organisation NSWIPP has a Constitution, Office-bearers, By-Laws and guidelines that have as their primary purpose the advancement and practice of psychoanalytic psychotherapy and NSWIPP provides a range of services and opportunities to members accordingly.

  • The NSWIPP home extends beyond NSWIPP: you also belong to an Australasian body of psychoanalytic psychotherapists (PPAA); and more recently, to a confederation of psychoanalytic institutes in Australia (ACPP)- all of which are committed to looking after your interests as well as those of the practice of psychoanalytic psychotherapy in the community.

  • The annual PPAA conference (only open to members and trainees) offers a unique academic conference experience, the valuable opportunity to meet peers from other associations and form wider friendships.

  • Members can access PEPWeb through NSWIPP’s annual subscription and will receive a biannual hard copy of the Australasian Journal of Psychotherapy.

  • NSWIPP provides valuable Ethical support to practising clinicians in the form of guidelines, processes and procedures.

  • NSWIPP’s credibility is enhanced by the fact that it is a training organisation: we run a comprehensive training program specifically for psychoanalytic psychotherapy and our program is highly regarded locally and within the PPAA.

  • Becoming a member of NSWIPP, either through the training or through alternate avenues means that you meet essential requirements to call yourself a psychoanalytic psychotherapist which covers you and your practice this will become even more valuable in the future if/ when specialist registration is established.

  • NSWIPP’s Membership Advisory Board ensures that our standards are maintained – as demonstrated in the regular presentations for membership to their peers that everyone undergoes.

  • NSWIPP offers a number of professional development activities such as the scientific program, conferences, Ethics and Values meetings and peer review case-conferences as well as outreach activities available to members.

  • NSWIPP has a social program and runs an annual ‘Dadirri’ event, designed and committed to ensuring a good-enough culture within the institution that is available and responsive to the needs of members.

  • Our members are diverse and offer a variety of different professional selves that if interested, find valuable opportunities in NSWIPP to teach, supervise, research, publish and serve.

  • Membership to NSWIPP grants access and use of the NSWIPP premises and facilities including consulting rooms, reading room & library and seminar room.

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