NSWIPP Seminars & Events


Monthly Clinical Meeting (for Members & Associates)

  • The Monthly Clinical Meeting is open to all members and offers a regular forum to present, think about and discuss clinical work in the interest of broadening, strengthening and deepening psychoanalytic understanding.


Recent NSWIPP Scientific Meeting Seminars (for Members, Associates, Guests, Affiliates & Trainees)

  • Feed and Read: A psychodynamic lens on 5 years of Volunteer consultation to an innovative Child and Family Centre in rural Tasmania. Presented by Dr Penny Jools and Brad Freeman Monday 27th September 2021 at 7.45pm
  • Bion and the Apophatic Tradition On Not Knowing in Psychotherapy – Presented by Dr Judith Pickering (23rd August 2021)
  • The Myth of Aesclepius and Its Relevance Today – Presented by Dr Anne-Marie Swan (26th July 2021)
  • A Stranger comes to Town What’s New in Neuroscience and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy? – Presented by Dr Michael Moore (28th June 2021)
  • Infant Observation under Covid! – A forum presented by trainees of the 2019 training group (24th May 2021)
  • Finding fluid conversation in our theorising about transgender certainties – Presented by Katina Ellis (26th April 2021)
  • From Politics to Poetry – Presented by Dr Anna Hueneke  (22nd March 2021)
  • Should I Stay or Should I go? – Presented by Dr Michael Moore (23rd November 2020)
  • Shared Creativity and Other Relational Aspects of Art Therapy – Presented by Liz Fitzgerald (28th Sept 2020)
  • Reinventing Myself- Reflections on life, change and dynamic interpersonal therapy – Eva Balint (24th August 2020)
  • Adjunctive Therapies: Quantitative Electroencephalography (QEEG)- Guided Neurofeedback Treatment – Presented by Barbara Boyer (22nd June 2020)
  • EMDR as an Adjunctive Therapy for Complex PTSD – Presented by Julian Zanelli (27th April 2020)
  • Projective Identification: From parent and child work to adult therapy – Presented by Celia Conolly (23rd March 2020)
  • Adjunctive Therapies: Breathing with Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback – Presented by Elana Cohen (24th February 2020)
  • Psychoid structures and processes: Being and becoming in the consulting room – Presented by Julia Meyerowitz-Katz (24th June 2019)
  • The day the frame blew away: Art therapy in Aboriginal pre and primary schools in rural NSW – Presented by Julia Sideris (27th May 2019)
  • The stickiness of being with you- Presented by Mandi Hill (22nd October 2018)
  • A Quiet crisis in the consulting room: Everything/ Nothing that is said here is confidential – Presented by Julia Meyerowitz-Katz  (25th June 2018)
  • The history of Indigenous and non-Indigenous Relations and its relevance to Australian psychoanalytic psychotherapists – Presented by Donna Jacobs (26th March 2018)
  • Bearing Witness: learning from survivor voices at the Child Abuse Royal Commission- presented by Julie Blyth (26th February 2018)
  • Dr Werner Tschan: How to Protect Against Boundary Violations in Professional Organisations (14th November 2017)
  • Thinking about Projective Identification – presented by Liz Kerr (25th September 2018)
  • When Freud meets Buddha- integrating Analytic Psychotherapy and Buddhist Psychology – presented by Eng-Kong Tan (28th August 2017)
  • Ethical Issues and Dilemmas arising in the clinical situation: A discussion – facilitated by Joanne Barnes (22nd May, 2017)
  • Postcard from Melbourne: My experience of Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy (DIT) training – Presented by Dr Michael Moore (27th March 2017)


Other Events

  • Contemporary Perspectives: Siblings & Therapeutic Processes – presented by Sally Young & Peter Blake (3rd November 2018)
  • Isla Lonie Memorial Lecture- Working at the Extreme Edge; The Legacy of Donald Winnicott – presented by Anne-Marie Swan (28th October 2017)
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