May 2014 Inreach Meeting

The CEAB Inreach Sub-Committee is pleased to invite you
to a presentation entitled

Phantom of the Opera:
The Erotic Transference and
Countertransference in Psychotherapy

Presented by Dr Carolyn Quadrio
to be held at Glebe on

Monday, 26th May 2014 from 7:30pm


Carolyn Quadrio will present a précis of the film version of Phantom of the Opera and
use this to explore the problems of erotic transference and countertransference in
psychotherapy, suggesting that the disfigured Phantom can be viewed as a metaphor
for the therapist or analyst whose narcissistic injury is masked by therapeutic neutrality
but is betrayed by his countertransference, or his narcissistic need to possess the
vulnerable young woman/patient, Christine, and perhaps to destroy her. He becomes
her ‘angel of music’, the attuned therapeutic relationship is their ‘strange duet’ and she
learns of the masquerade of the false self. Does the climax or ‘point of no return’ signal
disaster or redemption? Join in the discussion and have your say.

Carolyn Quadrio
Carolyn is a member of NSWIPP and an Associate Professor with the School of
Psychiatry at UNSW. She works in forensic and child and family psychiatry, is an
individual and couple family therapist, and teaches in all of these areas.

NSWIPP members, guest members, associates, affiliates and trainees welcome to
attend. Cost to non-members is $22 including GST. Please RSVP to Jan Kerpan on or 02 9558 3175.


Jan Williams, Michael Moore and Maria Kourt

Direct Debit Details
Bank: St George
BSB: 112-879
Account No: 041219957
Account Name: NSW Institute of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

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