Centre for Advanced Studies in Psychotherapy and Counselling


Centre for Advanced Studies in Psychotherapy and Counselling

invite you to attend a half day workshop

Naming and reclaiming trauma:
trauma focussed approaches in psychotherapy with borderline states

Presented by Professor Louise Newman

Saturday 28 June 2014
9.00am – 1.00pm
Crows Nest Community Centre, 2 Ernest Place, Crows Nest


Workshop synopsis: Early trauma disrupts neurological, psychological and emotional development. The brain/mind organises around experiences of fear and confusion with ongoing impact on the development of affect regulation, self-regulation and reflective capacity. Survivors of trauma with ‘borderline personality disorder’ may experience post-traumatic dysregulation of relatedness and thinking, producing states of fear and fragmentation.

This workshop will describe the origins of borderline states in attachment disorganisation and outline approaches to psychotherapy aimed at improving reflective capacity or mentalisation.

Trauma focussed approaches are guided by principles of containment and the building of a containing narrative in which trauma can be spoken.

Presenter: Louise Newman is Professor of Developmental Psychiatry and Director of the Monash University Centre for Developmental Psychiatry & Psychology. In January 2011 she was appointed as a Member in the General Division of the Order of Australia. She is a practising infant psychiatrist with expertise in the area of disorders of early parenting and attachment difficulties in infants. She has undertaken research into the issues confronting parents with histories of early trauma and neglect. Her current research is focusing on the evaluation of infant-parent interventions in high-risk populations, the concept of parental reflective functioning in mothers with borderline personality disorder and the neurobiology of parenting disturbance.

Workshop fee: $160 plus GST (total = $176).
A reduction will be offered to full time students on request.

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