Application For Affiliates


To include more people with a strong interest in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy in our association, despite lack of clinical training requirements.


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  1. Ability to demonstrate the level of psychoanalytic knowledge acquired already (i.e. documentary evidence of how relevant interest has been shown, e.g. publication of papers, conferences/workshops attended),
  2. Graduate level of achievement in psychoanalytic studies or appropriate related tertiary study of similar standard/duration,
  3. Enthusiasm for continuing professional development in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and assisting NSWIPP in its objective to disseminate psychoanalytic knowledge to the public.

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20% of the full membership fee paid annually (by 1st March).

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1)      Attend Scientific Meetings

2)      Attend Open Peer Review meetings (at discretion of Co-ordinator)

3)      Option of being invited to join a closed peer review group

4)      20% fee reduction for outreach programmes

For more information, please contact: Jan Kerpan – 9558 3175

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