Grievance Resolution Procedure

Grievance Resolution Procedure


As an acknowledgement of the disruption, division and destruction which can come from unresolved disputes and conflict, it is expected that within the Institute parties in dispute will, in good faith, work towards a resolution of that dispute in a time efficient manner.

This procedure is to facilitate the resolution of disputes between members, between members and the Institute and between trainees and the Institute.

This procedure is not intended to take the place of or undermine already established procedures within the Institute.

The steps of the procedure are as follows:

  1. The parties to the dispute must meet and discuss the matter in dispute, and, if possible, resolve the dispute within 14 days after the dispute comes to the attention of all of the parties.
  2. If the parties are unable to resolve the dispute at the meeting, or if a party fails to attend that meeting, then the parties must, within 14 days, seek the help of the Colleague Support Resource.
  3. In the case of seeking the help of the Colleague Support Resource, if the parties are still unable to resolve the dispute or a party refuses to attend, they are to, without delay, consult with the Ethics Subcommittee who will, within ten days, clarify and determine the case for mediation.
  4. If appropriate the Ethics Subcommittee will facilitate mediation.  External mediation will be sought from appropriate professional mediation services.
  5. If mediation is not appropriate or possible, it is expected that the Ethics Subcommittee will, where possible, make a direction within the Institute procedures to resolve the conflict.
  6. If this procedure does not result in a resolution of the dispute, the parties may seek to resolve the dispute in accordance with the Act otherwise at law.
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